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Messstrecke mit Pöttersonde® MS 5-10

Measuring section with Poettersonde® type DF 5- 10

The measuring section was developed for smallest to medium flow rates and is suitable for vapours, gases and liquids.

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Durchflussrechner PVT Typ C 621

Flowcomputer pvt type C 621

The flow computer pvt Type C 621 is a universal energy/immission and flow computer for steam, gas, flue gas and liquid.

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Airflashsystem Typ AFS 3

Airflashsystem type AFS 3

Heavily soiled and 100% water vapour saturated media are no problem for Poettersonden® type RG 20 in conjunction with our Airflash system type AFS 3.

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Deltasonic® Typ WM – stationär

Deltasonic® type WM – stationary

The deltasonic® ultrasonic flowmeters from pvt technology GmbH are increasingly being used to measure the flow of liquids.

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Deltasonic® Typ HH – mobil

Deltasonic® type HH – mobile

In addition to the very high precision and the simple assembly, the devices of the deltasonic® series impress with an attractive price-performance ratio as well as a high quality of workmanship.

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About pvt technology

pvt technology offers complete carefree packages: from engineering, welding, assembly, cabling, parameterization of all components, connection to the PCS process control system to commissioning and handover - all from a single source and without interfaces. pvt technology is characterized by more than 45 years of experience and expertise in flow measurement technology. The in-house development of, for example, the future-oriented Poettersonde® in its various versions is technically market-leading due to its special flow profile. Its reliability and longevity have already proven themselves in numerous applications.

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