Inventor of the Poettersonde®


Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Pötter

"Innovation and creative solutions arise only if one refuses to accept the limits of existing technology."
– Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Pötter

According to above-mentioned slogan Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Pötter has been engaged in flow measurement technology for more than 45 years. In addition to various patents, he has developed pioneering and reliable solutions for power plants and industry, often for applications that were previously not considered feasible.

After extensive research, Friedrich Pötter patented his new, pioneering Poettersonde®in 2005, which is able to completely eliminate the mechanical and procedural weaknesses of conventional pitot tubes.

Poettersensor®is not only a brand name, but also the name of a new, revolutionary and innovative differential pressure measuring method, which differs greatly from the classical dynamic pressure probe technology. Pötter's presentations to the VDI knowledge forum (“VDI Wissensforum”) confirmed this. As an inventor, Friedrich Pötter can now be added to the list of historically renowned flow pioneers such asHenri Pitot, Giovanni Venturi and Ludwig Prandtl.

What makes the difference: The Poettersonde®is not a rudimentary differential pressure method, but a quantum leap into state-of-the-art high-tech flow technology using the differential pressure method.