Your advantages by using Poettersonden®

  • extremely high accuracy, no measurement errors due to vortices or changes in flow, not even in the upper Re range
  • almost no pressure loss, no unnecessary energy destruction (d'Alembert's paradox), often fast investment amortisation due to energy saving
  • almost unlimited linear measuring ratio (if sufficient differential pressure is available)
  • high precision even without inlet sections due to intelligent installation
  • low installation costs: for Poettersonde® neither expensive counter bearings nor separation of the pipeline are necessary
  • suitable for almost all media: MP-, HP-steam; gases; liquids; smoke and process gases
  • TÜV-tested and UAL-approved for water vapour saturated and contaminated media according to TA-Luft, 13. and 17. BImSchV
  • no application limits due to aggressive media, pressure or temperature

pvt technology GmbH delivers almost exclusively in carefree packages, everything from a single source, perfectly and without compromise. Measurements are optimally installed and carefully designed so that the balance sheets will tally exactly.

In addition, the flow experts of pvt technology GmbH, in the industry known as "Red Overalls", are often regarded as a last resort if the measured values are not plausible due to incorrectly, not optimally installed or not carefully designed measurements. The "Red Overalls" get every measurement running optimally and find the cause for any measurement error.