Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency using Poettersonden®

How much energy do you waste?

With this formula, pvt technology GmbH would like to enable you to easily calculate your energy waste yourself. The kinematic loss of energy is calculated in kilowatts. The real energy destruction is significantly higher because there is no one hundred percent efficiency in energy production.

An actual real-life example:

Pipeline DN 300 mm with retraction at the measuring point to DN 200 mm. A vortex flowmeter was used.

  • Medium = compressed air, 6 bar/ü,
  • T = 25 °C
  • ρ = 8.183 kg/m³,
  • Qnorm= 55000 Nm³/h,
  • dpremainingat Qnorm= 217 mbar
  • Electricity price = 0,059 €/kWh,
  • Annual operating hours = 7400 h

The costs due to senseless pressure loss at the measuring point, which can only be compensated by higher compressor capacity, amount to 22,889.53 Euro per year!


  • Pressure loss almost always means energy is being destroyed, whether with liquids, gaseous or vaporous media.
  • Special considerations are required for steam. The energy loss can be reduced if the steam delivers not only turbine pressure but also heat.
  • In contrast to the relatively high permanent pressure loss of conventional pitot tubes, Poettersonden® cause almost no permanent pressure loss and dramatically reduce the energy loss in the above application. Due to the d'Alembert paradox, the dynamic pressure dissolves completely in the frictional resistance of the Poettersonden®.


Factor 0.0000278 is used to convert SI units into utility units.