Airflashsystem type AFS 3

Heavily soiled and 100% water vapour saturated media are no problem for Poettersonden® type RG 20 in conjunction with our Airflash system type AFS 3. It was developed to enable the reliable and trouble-free operation of differential pressure transducers, which measure the flow of heavily contaminated media, by continuous, fully automatic cleaning. During rinsing, a signal holding device holds the last signal.

The Airflash system type AFS 3 was developed and tested in close cooperation with leading power plant operators and is also successfully used for safety and shutdown relevant measurements. Gaseous and liquid media can be used as flushing media. In order to produce an explosive flushing hammer, pvt technology GmbH uses innovative, maintenance-free hinged armature valves with a valve seat of 8mm.

The Airflash system type AFS 3 is available in different versions with an unlimited number of flushing channels or also in insulated field cabinets - exactly designed for your application and the operating conditions.

Equipment of the Airflash System Type AFS 3

  • Measuring cabinet for flow measurement is constructed and wired according to the German VDE standard.
  • Labelling of the components according to the electrical diagram is carried out with print labels on the installation component and on the mounting plate.
  • Control in a Rittal switch cabinet (painted sheet steel) with protection class IP 66
  • System control via PLC program with software package GPProEx
  • Operating screen with display of analog input value, analog output value, status of flushing valves, setting option
  • Opening/overlapping times of the valves and the switchover
  • Logic for valve switching/switchover/position of analog signals
  • Use of high-quality individual components, for example Siemens, Landfeld, ABB or Festo.
  • Circuit diagram
  • terminal diagram
  • Assembly drawing of the mounting plates
  • parts lists