Measuring section with Poettersonde® type DF 5- 10

Measuring sections with Poettersonde® type MS 5 have been developed for very small to medium flow rates and are suitable for vapours, gases and liquids and are largely insensitive to contamination. They are available in different versions and are specially designed for your application.

Our standard measuring inserts from 1 to 12 mm allow a wide range of possible measuring ranges.

The measuring sections with Poettersonde® type MS 5 have been particularly successful in the lamp industry. In the production of energy-saving lamps, it has proven to be clearly superior to variable area flowmeters when measuring small, heavily contaminated quantities of hydrogen. The measuring signal is much more stable and the cleaning of the variable area flowmeter systems, which used to be necessary at short intervals, is no longer necessary for measuring sections with Poettersonde® type MS 5.

This product has also been very successful in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, with saturated steam at 6 bar/abs and 160 °C, a measuring range of 1-10 kg/h can be precisely measured. This measuring range, which is extremely important for production in the pharmaceutical industry, is achieved by the special heating of the measuring section developed by pvt technology GmbH. This is not possible with conventional electric heaters.

Measuring sections with Poettersonde® type MS 10 are particularly suitable for medium to large flow measurements. By using them a very high accuracy at very low differential pressures is achieved.