Pöttersonde® Type DF 5-10

Poettersonden® were investigated at the University of Magdeburg, the PTB in Braunschweig, at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of the Technical University Erlangen and at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Poettersonden® for high-pressure steam or high-pressure gas are TÜV-tested according to various valid regulations.

Using the Poettersonden®, specially developed by pvt technology GmbH, high precision measuring over the entire measuring range is possible. The appeal of Poettersonden® lies in its large linear measuring ratio and its ability to practically measure without any pressure and energy loss.

The Poettersonde® type DF 10 is ideally suited for the measurement of

  • biogas
  • Low and medium pressure steam
  • High pressure steam up to 690 bar and 900 °C
  • compressed air
  • natural gas
  • process gas

as well as for many other media and applications.

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The innovative special features of Poettersonden®

  • Poettersonden® enable a much larger and more accurate linear measurement ratio than conventional pitot tubes, because the linearity of Poettersonden® is not negatively influenced by vortices, suction or expansion coefficients. The measuring range can be extended by splitting ranges up to 1 : 60 without any problems. However, the prerequisite for this is a sufficiently high differential pressure for splitting.
  • There is almost no permanent pressure loss (energy loss). With the sword-shaped Poettersonden® with a front width of only 8 mm, the inflow surface has been reduced by approx. 85 % compared to conventional sensors. The Eulersche/d'Alembert paradox also almost completely eliminates the permanent pressure loss. The dynamic pressure dissolves in the frictional resistance of the Poettersonden®; the pressure/energy loss is below the detection limit.
  • In contrast to conventional pitot tubes, Poettersonden® have no characteristics such as vibration fractures, vibrations or strong noises due to vortex formation.
  • Poettersonden® never require counter bearings, which often reduces installation costs by 50%. The installation of counter bearings is often problematic, as distortions caused by welding distortion/material shrinkage and heat treatment of high-temperature steels are usually unavoidable.
  • The installation of Poettersonden® is completely unproblematic. The DIN permissible and often considerable pipeline tolerances often pose a major problem for conventional probes as exact dimensions are rarely determined precisely in advance. If the sensors are manufactured according to DIN dimensions, only at installation it becomes apparent whether they are too long or too short due to the permissible pipe tolerance. With Poettersonden® this tolerance is mechanically irrelevant. For a very accurate differential pressure calculation, however, the pipeline should be precisely measured (+/- 0.1 mm), which is usually included in the scope of delivery.
  • The integrated temperature sensor of the Poettersonde® with a separate deep bore up to the tip of the probe offers another decisive innovation for the measuring accuracy. Condensate evaporation cooling through the continuous condensate exchange of the condensate vessels causes temperature measurement errors of up to 20 K for steam. Using Poettersonden® these fatal temperature measurement falsifications cannot occur. For example, the exact temperature, is extremely important for calculating the steam condition, e.g. at the saturated steam limit.
  • The integrated pressure absorption of the Poettersonden® does not cause any falsification of the measured value of the static pressure due to vortex or suction effect behind the sensor. This represents another important innovation for highest measuring accuracy of the Poettersonden®.
  • Poettersonden® offer a very high process suitability. They are just as suitable for 100 % water vapour saturated and heavily contaminated flue gas up to 1200 °C as for high pressure steam up to 690 bar and 900 °C. They can be used for almost all media.
  • Poettersonden® are always manufactured with the utmost precision. They are not welded with individual parts, but are precision milled from one piece of CNC with +/- < 1/100 mm tolerance. With Poettersonden®, there are no measuring errors due to manufacturing tolerances possible.
  • Due to the free choice of materials, Poettersonden® are available in almost all construction materials. Consequently there are virtually no restrictions in the application.

Schematic: Function Poettersonden®



Poettersonden® measure without any pressure leakage

Pressure losses can cause significant energy losses and linearity errors.

Schematic representation of the permanent pressure losses using various examples:



Poettersonden® do not know any problems caused by vortex formation

Conventional pitot tubes generate extremely strong vortices. Linearity errors, vibration fractures and other problems are often the consequence and considerably limit the process capability in many applications. The danger of vibration fractures can be reduced by counter bearings, but not completely prevented. With Poettersonden® this danger does not even exist.



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Poettersonden® are area measurements in the ideal measuring window

The figure below shows the ideal measurement window "Vm" of a flow profile.



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