Pöttersonde® Type RG 20

The universal flow sensor for moderately to extremely contaminated and/or steam-saturated flue, raw and process gases.

TÜV-approved and certified by UAL according to TA- Luft, 13th and 17th BImSchV

Previously used Venturi nozzles have big disadvantages:

  • insufficient accuracy
  • long inlet sections are required, which are rarely available for large nominal diameters
  • Relatively high permanent pressure losses (energy losses), which are no longer justifiable at today's energy costs.
  • solely conditionally applicable with heavily soiled and/or steam saturated media
  • substantial assembly efforts associated with high costs

With the Poettersonde® type RG 20 the above mentioned disadvantages were completely eliminated. Poettersonden® type RG 20 are built for all applications in different variations, adapted to the respective requirements.

Advantages Poettersonde® type RG 20:

  • extremely resistant to dust, dirt, slime, moisture
  • high accuracy even with non-existent inlet distances
  • practically no permanent pressure drop/energy loss
  • low installation costs, no counter bearing required
  • for pipe diameters up to 18,000 mm
  • available in almost any construction material, acid-resistant and heat-resistant up to 1,200 °C
  • Size of the differential pressure holes = 14 mm
  • no vibration fractures due to vortex formation

The following examples demonstrate applications in which Poettersonden® type RG 20 have already proven themselves over several years of trouble-free operation:

  • Raw gas before filter in power plants/MVAs
  • Raw gas before cyclone in cement works
  • Blast furnace gas, blast furnace gas, wind gas in steelworks
  • Flue gases in power plants/MVAs
  • Coal and stone mill air
  • heavily soiled and water vapour saturated smoke/process gases
  • mucilaginous process gases
  • Primary, secondary, combustion air, rezi (recirculation).

The Applications mentioned above are partly without inlet sections and directly after bends. Due to the long oval design of the Poettersonde® type RG 20, there are no vibration fractures due to vortex formation. Counter bearings are not required.