ARG Großkraftwerk Hrazdan-5, Armenien

The Armenian-Russian operator ARG (ArmRosGasprom) invested around 520 million dollars in the 480 MW gas-fired large-scale power plant built in the Central Asian Caucasus republic of Armenia.

Without exact process gas volume flow measurements as for Oxidised gas GT to burner, Oxidised gas GT Exhaust, Air GT, Exhaust- gas, the operation of this large power plant would be completely impossible. Without these volume flow measurements, the gas turbines supplied by Alstom would probably already be destroyed during start-up.

The requirements for these 7 process gas measurements were very stringent:

  • Required accuracy < 2 %.
  • Process gas temperature 550 °C
  • Round and rectangular channels between 2800mm and 5000mm
  • inlet sections = none
  • Disturbances due to bypasses and turbulences = considerable
  • Possibility of welding in counter bearings = no

For these apparently unfeasible applications, Poettersonden® were chosen. The decisive factor for the award was the worldwide success of similar applications. Here, 7 Poettersonden® units with C621 compensation computers were used, including calibration, commissioning and connection to the PLS. (process control system)

While measuring the flow profile over at least 2 axes with at least 80 measuring points, using an immersion turbine.




A look into the new turbine hall

After the exact measurement of the flow profile, the respective Poettersonde® was calibrated on the compensation computers C621 with unchanged fan speed.