Bio Bio Cementos SA in Curico, Chile

The venturi can still be seen in the 2800 mm large duct, which was completely unusable as a process gas volume flow measurement due to the missing inlet section.

Only the substitution by a Poettersonde® enabled a very precise measurement, so that this could now be connected to the loops as process reference variables. The process gas volume flow measurement is the most important parameter for product quality. Although Poettersonden® do not require inlet sections and only protrude half way into the duct, the "Red Overall" knew no compromises when it came to defining the measuring point.

In the picture on the left, the measuring point was placed directly in front of the venturi. In order to install this Poettersonde®, the temporary suspended scaffold had to be installed.

The time schedules of the "Red Overalls" were tight. Installation, cabling, commissioning and connection to the PLS often only take 2 days. This is only possible with a well-rehearsed team and highly qualified technicians.

On the right side of the picture you can see the technical manager of this plant, Dipl. Ing. Franco Chianale.

He managed to organize the almost impossible: In just a few hours, the provisional suspended scaffold was erected, the Poettersonde® was installed and wired ready for operation, the C-621 pvt compensation computer was installed ready for operation in the control room, all signals were connected to the PLS and even integrated into the loops.

A great performance by Franco. Thanks to you and your superteam!

This should not be a last photo for the insurance company to document the fall from 80 m height. The technicians of Bio Bio Cementos and the "Red Overall" who carried out the commissioning are brave, but not careless. The temporary hanging scaffold was welded and both worked in the belt, wiring the Poettersonden®.

"Red Overalls" not only talk about the high accuracy of the Poettersonden®, they also prove it immediately on site. With multipoint comparison measurements over several axes and in approximation to VDI 2640, they determine the mean flow velocity Vm by means of an immersion turbine very precisely and convert it into volume flow.

What can be said about this, the accuracy of these measurements was at 3 load levels < 1 % of the measured value. The improvement of the process control quality achieved by the Poettersonden® made it possible to amortize this investment within a very short time. Not even the energy saving was taken into account. Compared to Venturi, Poettersonden® just causes little permanent pressure loss, which can only be compensated by higher energy consumption.