CEMEX, Balcones Clinker in New Braunfels, Texas, USA

A "red overall" at Balcones Clinker in New Braunfels, Texas. Also here the "heavy duty" RG 20, with integrated pressure and temperature recording and our compensation computer C621 with connection to the PLS, were put into operation by our worldwide pvt service.

The example of Balcones Clinker showed again how important carefree packages are, with the complete inspection and commissioning of the measurements on site. The pvt measurements result in considerable process optimisations, significant product improvements and significant energy savings. The considerable costs for the worldwide service calls pay off for the operators in a very short time. The best components are of little use if they are not optimally installed and commissioned.

Poettersonden®, "heavy duty" RG 20 also in one of the largest cement plants of the "CEMEX", Balcones Clinker in New Braunfels in Texas.



Alonso, the friendly plant electronics engineer from Balcones Clinker, reading the data from the C 621 installed in "Fieldboxes", comparing it via radio with the visualization in the DCS process control system.