CEMEX, Jebel Ali Clinker bei Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

Jebel Ali Clinker, near Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Filipinos under the leadership of a "red overall" while introducing a "heavy duty" RG 20 into a process gas channel DN 3700 mm.


These are applications for Poettersonden®: Large channels, heavily soiled media, no inlet distances. For Poettersonden® these applications are absolute standard. The measuring point of this "heavy duty" RG 20 is located above the scaffold, at a height of 30 m, on the top right. The flow is from top to bottom.


Poettersonden® "heavy duty" RG 20 only with compensation calculator C-621. In contrast to traditional calculators, the coefficients of the flow equation according to ISO 5167 are constantly recalculated. Asymmetries of the flow profiles according to arcs are calculated into the K-factors of the Poettersonden®. Even with fluctuating process conditions, far beyond the design condition, exact measurements can still be made. Absolute pressure and temperature recording are integrated in all "heavy duty" RG 20.