Jaypee Zement in Baga im Himalaya, Indien

One of the built-in Poettersonden® RG 20 Heavy duty in an inclined channel without inlet section. The medium is dirty and damp.




A "Red Overall" while measuring the strongly asymmetrical flow profile crosswise with 60 measuring point




"Red overalls" never leave a measuring location without proving their very high accuracy, even under the most difficult running-in conditions, on site, even immediately with several load stages. The very high qualification of the friendly Indian engineers was conspicuous. That was very pleasant, because they only asked clever questions and immediately understood this innovative technology due to their high technical knowledge.

The C 621 flow computer was modified for this application. The blue display shows Nm³/h, operating m³/h, °C and bar/abs. The signals were processed in the DCS via Profibus.

With Poettersonden® RG 20 heavy duty as the process control parameter, the control quality of the systems is significantly optimized, which significantly improves product quality.

As a side effect, considerable energy is saved, because Poettersonden® virtually work pressure loss - free.