MAHA Zement bei Visakhapatnam, Indien

A MAHA CEMENT cement plant near Visakhapatnam on the Bay of Bengal. The vertical channel (center) has a diameter of 3.6 m. The inflow is from above. The Poettersonde® is located at a height of 55 m, on the platform shortly after the bend. For channels of this size, there are not sufficient inlet distances. Venturi nozzles no longer permit accurate measurements here, and the permanent pressure loss (energy destruction) of the Venturis is even more unacceptable.

These are ideal applications for Poettersonden®, which measure with high precision in large channels even without inlet sections and cause hardly any permanent pressure loss (energy loss). A "Red Overall" on site. He monitored the installation and cabling, programmed the C 621 flow computer and handed over the measurement to the operator ready for use.

Leading engineers from MAHA CEMENT and Loesche India Inc. checked the accuracy of the installed Poettersonde®. The Indian engineers carried out the comparison measurements with a multipoint network measurement using Prandtlrohr.

The Indian engineers, both from the operator and the plant manufacturer, were extremely highly qualified and experienced and carried out the comparison measurements together, because the Poettersonde® is now used as a guarantee measurement for the power and energy balance and as a stable reference variable for the entire process.