MVA Brescia, Italien

The first endurance test for the "heavy duty" RG 20 took place in 2005 in the MVA - Brescia, Italy. Before the "High Dust Catalysators" in 270°C, water vapour saturated, aggressive atmosphere with extreme pollution, in a channel 3200 x 11600 mm. These measurements, equipped with our automatic flushing device AFS 3, have been working for 10 years without any maintenance or malfunction.

For the first time, model tests have been put into practice and have made it possible to precisely determine the flow profile before and after the "High Dust Catalysts" (SCR technology) and to correct it by means of optimized flue gas guidance since the misalignment. Blockages in the CAT are also detected immediately.

All Poettersonden® "heavy duty" RG 20 are equipped with flushing connections as standard and can also be pigged on both sides. Integrated absolute pressure and temperature recording are also part of the standard equipment. Counter bearings are never needed.