Innovations and creative solutions arise only if one refuses to accept the limits of existing technology.

Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Pötter

According to the above-mentioned slogan, inventor Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Pötter is engaged for over 40 years in flow-measurement. In addition to various patents, he also developed pioneering and reliable solutions for power plants and industry, often for applications that previously were considered not feasible. After extensive research, Friedrich Pötter patented, the new, pioneering Pöttersonde®, in 2005. The Pöttersonde®, identified mechanical and procedural weaknesses of conventional pitot tubes and was able to completely eliminate them. The advantages of the Pöttersonde® are so great that they´re are no longer comparable with conventional pitot tubes.


The lengendary Pöttersensors® are not only a brand name, but are long similar to the flow history venturi nozzle, pitot tube or Prandtl tube. However, with the difference that it is not dealing with a rudimentary differential-pressure method, but the quantum leap in innovative and cutting-edge technology.


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However, the pioneering Pöttersonde® is only one component of our global success. Our strategy for success:


"We are not a component supplier, but a manufacturer and supplier of the complete carefree packages. From engineering, welding, assembly, wiring, parameterization of all components, connection to the PLS, through to commissioning and handover: We offer everything from one source and without interfaces."


Flow measurement technology is becoming more complex and the demands are increasingly rising: For CHP (combined heat and Coupling Act), accounting measurements (including customs) and other applications. These fields require, precise measurements, by law. Many operators meet huge problems and costs if the required balances are not met. Only a few specialists can install complete flow systems to turnkey handover perfectly and put them into operation.


It´s the same with computers, as it is with flow measurement: you´ll get the hardware anywhere, but only the right operating system takes you further.  Contacting pvt technology at the first place can help to save money and trouble! Some large companies, therefore lay their flow measurement directly in the hands of pvt technology. With us you get pure know-how and save your ressources!


For over 40 years, the inventor Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Pötter develops, sells, installs and optimized innovative flow measurement in plants and power stations – worldwide.


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