deltasonic® Ultrasonic Flowmeter


The new deltasonic® ultrasonic flow rate measurements



Precision in the premium class segment at an affordable price 

 deltasononic® HH - the mobile ultrasonic flow rate measurement



The handheld with great performance is easy to operate.



 For contact-less and high-precision flow rate measurement of liquid media.



Advantages of the deltasonic® HH


  • Unique high accuracy of 0.5% of the reading for flowrates from 0.3 up to 12 m/s (SI test bench certified accuracy = +/- 0.28% of the reading)
  • The Patented ‚PicofFly Quantenzeit Transit-Technologie“ is a special innovation of our deltasonic® series. By using two-dimensional space-time intercepts as time scale we can achieve an ultrasonic runtime nearly without any dead band: in a precision time range it is lower than 1 picosecond ~ 100 Ms. Therefore our deltasonic® series is highly accurate and mostly insensitive to bubbles and suspended solids.
  • With the help of state-of-the-art microelectronics in the low-voltage range less hardware components are needed. As a result highest precision and reliability can be achieved at  lowest power consumption.
  •  No extra charge for ultrasonic sensors up to 150°C, as this is pvt standard. 
  •  Capacitive touch-sensitive buttons with almost unlimited life are used for operating. 
  • Due to the clear and user-friendly menu via the front buttons our deltasonic® series is very easy to work with and can be handled extremely comfortable. You can do the setup in just a few minutes,
  •  For switching between the various indicators and graphical views there is no need to scroll through the menu, you just obtain the data very easily by using the touch keys at the front.
  • Due to the compact design you can hold the flow meter easily with one hand.
  •  Another innovation are our fastening rails equipped with strong magnets. With just a simple click you avoid complicated mounting with straps or chains.


Technical data:


Measuring principe: digital ultrasonic flow rate measurement according to the transit time principle


for nominal sizes: from (15 - 20mm*) 25 - 6000mm


temperatures: -20 to 150°C


Repeatability: 0.15%


Digital display: big 320x240 TFT LCD color display for various indicators and graphical views


Keyboard: 4 x 4 touch keys


Memory card: IG SD high memory data logging (512 days)


Power supply: Lithium accumulator for more then 16 hours operating time


Outputs: 4 – 20 mA 750 Ω,  OCT Puls 0 – 10 kHz, relays


Communication: RS232 / RS485 / Modbus


Power Supply: 90 – 250 VAC 48 - 63 Hz or 10 to 36 VDC


Standard cable length: 5m


Sensors: ...




under construction...