For more than 40 years the General Manager of pvt distributes, installs and optimizes flow measurements in plants and power plants - worldwide!


pvt is an expert in: 


  • Steam measurements (according to TRD), feedwater, injection water 
  • Gas, combustion air, recirculated flue gas, smoke gas (13th and 17th Federal Imission Control Ordinance) 
  • Steam saturated and soiled process gases 
  • Biogas / sewer gas / landfill gas 
  • Quantity measurement of coldness and heat 
  • Energy detection / boiler balance 
  • Pneumatic volume flow measurements 
  • Liquids, mash, cutting oil measurements 
  • Metering unit 
  • Leakage detection of pipelines 
  • Burst pipe detection 


pvt provides the following services: 


  • Installation of entire projects, everything from one source 
  • Improving efficiency of present power plants and plants 
  • Verification, calibration and optimization of existing measurements 
  • Comparative measurements for air and smoke gas (according to VDI 2640) 
  • Comparative measurement for liquids (ultrasonic transit time +/- 0.5%) 
  • Stock-check of existing systems 
  • Planning and measuring point localization 
  • Warranty measurement 
  • Survey report 


Usually we deliver a care-free package consisting of: Engineering, delivery of all components, weld-in with installation, wiring switch connection to the PLS, starting up till ready-for-use hand over, everything from one source and without interfaces.