Egger-Energia SRL in Radauti, Rumänien

Process gas measurements are often integrated into the process control system as main or even control parameters. Highest accuracy and absolute reliability are therefore absolutely necessary for optimum process control. This operator has long been familiar with the international success of Poettersonde® for similar applications. Initially, Poettersonden® heavy duty RG 20 were installed in a Tyrolean plant. After several years of trouble-free and highly accurate measurements, the customer decided to retrofit Poettersonden® heavy duty RG 20 in his international plants for process optimization.


Right picture: These competition pitot tubes were "cheaper" than Poettersonden® heavy duty. However, they did not meet the high process requirements and were removed and scrapped.

This application is certainly not easy. Hot gas up to 750 °C, very dusty, no inlet sections, counter bearings would be very costly because of the 450 mm Scharmott lining to be drilled through. Poettersonden® never need counter bearings and protrude only half into the pipeline. In the case of highly asymmetrical flow profiles such as this, the measurement of differential pressure over the entire cross-section is physically nonsense anyway and only makes flushing more difficult.

Here, too, all measurements were optimally put into operation by "Red Overalls".

The measurements with Poettersonden® are designed for decades of trouble-free operation. therefore they are especially recommended for international plant construction.