Transex Sa. Cementos in Puento Alto, Chile

Situated at the base of the Andes (background) near Santiago de Chile, the new cement plant of Transex SA. Cementos installed Poettersonden® for the process gases. As in most of these plants, there were no inlets and the media are dusty. Although the K-factors, which are necessary for the correction of the flow asymmetries, were known quite exactly, the "Red Overall" nevertheless carried out comparative measurements in approximation to VDI 2640 over 60 measuring points and with different loads. Thus, a high-precision, high-precision and very reliable measurement could be provided.

The fact that Poettersonden® always manage without counter bearings even in these channels of more than 3000 mm in size was very positively welcomed. There was no platform provided for the counter bearings at a height of approx. 80 m.

Because of the high accuracy, the Poettersonden® are also used as guidance parameters in this system.

In contrast to conventional dynamic pressure probes, the fact that Poettersonden® causes almost no permanent pressure loss (energy destruction) also has a positive effect on the overall energy balance of this system.

A "Red Overall" during the training for the highly motivated operating personnel of this plant. The parameterization and error analysis via software was trained as well as the manual parameterization via the keys of the C 621 Flow Computer.

Poettersonden® have already established themselves in several Chilean plants.